Designed specifically for riders who hold a current licence but have not ridden for an extended period, or rider that is new to handling the heavy Cruiser. Compared to other motorcycles, cruisers are heavier and have increased weight at the rear wheel. Cruiser motorcycles also have lower ground clearance and due to their weight, long wheelbase and to steering geometry are often a bit harder to maneuver.

You may have a decent amount of experience of riding trail bikes or a 250cc. motorcycle and now you think is good time to go touring on 300KG. plus motorcycle.You can either have a private lesson with Mel Baker to learn Road Craft Skills or join a 3 & 1/2 hour Check Ride.

This training is now run as part of the Check Ride. It is a great way to refresh & Update Your skills.


This course is specifically for riders who hold a current licence but have had a break for and for an extended period or for a rider who wishes to increase the skills riding in riding cruiser style motorcycles.

The course is 3.5 hours duration including exercises on our training range and a group road ride and will cover:

  • Correct Steering and cornering relevant to a cruiser
  • Braking Inputs – focusing on controlled braking for the cruiser
  • Maneuvering a heavy motorcycle at slow speed.
  • Correct Lane Positioning
  • Body position, can allow you to keep the motorcycle more vertical for a given corner and speed.
  • Optimum line selection for efficient cornering for the cruiser rider provides flexibility and options if road conditions change unpredictably.
  • Establishing Crash Avoidance Space
  • Identifying Main Crash Hazards for Motorcyclists
  • Buffering in Traffic
  • Briefly cover correct use of Mirrors and Headchecks
  • Correct use of all controls.
Cruiser Training
Harley Rider Training

The weighting to the rear and the longer wheelbase of a cruiser means that there is less of a rocking action under braking compared to a sports bike. In saying that many cruiser riders rely too heavily on the rear brake and do not make use of the Front brake sufficiently.

Get a few friends together, enjoy yourself, and gain more skills. There is also the option of One on One Private Training.

Please make enquiries at the office about available times.

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Sandown Raceway, Princes HWY
Springvale, Victoria 3171

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