How to Find a Motorcycle Training Academy That’s Right for You

Are you thinking of taking up motorcycle riding? If so, you need a good motorcycle training academy to help you improve your riding skills, become a safe rider and get your learner permit. However, finding a reputable motorcycle riding school takes some careful considerations.

Below are the attributes to look for in a truly outstanding motorcycle training academy in and around Victoria. If you found one that possesses all the qualities you’re looking for, then by all means join them and let them help you master the art of riding a motorcycle.

Offer Multiple Training and Skill Courses

Motorcycle training isn’t just about teaching you how to ride a motorcycle. It’s about starting as a newbie and finishing as a pro.

Decent and reputable motorcycle training academies in Victoria often have multiple training courses that will help you acquire various riding skills. In fact, you could go from complete newbie to pro using their training courses. That’s how much they can help you become an expert motorcycle rider.

Have Excellent and Seasoned Trainers

There’s no motorcycle training facility without seasoned and highly experienced trainers who specialise in different motorcycles and riding styles. You need such trainers. Usually, one trainer will not be able to master all the various types of motorcycles.

Sure, they may be able to ride various types, but lacking mastery in the kind of motorcycle you own or intend to acquire. That is why you need to have multiple trainers present, who have the necessary experience and are familiar with those machines.

Offers Competitive Pricing

Yes, you have a motorcycle. But that is not enough reason to pay astronomically high charges. Your intended motorcycle training academy in Victoria and surrounding areas should actually offer competitive pricing. So, we would recommend that you do a price comparison to reach an informed decision. Just because a training program is expensive doesn’t mean you’ll get more value than a more competitively priced facility.

Should Be Flexible and Willing to Fit into Your Schedule

This is crucial to your success. A motorcycle training academy should be flexible and able to fit itself into your plans or schedule.

So, if you cannot make it to training on a Tuesday for example, they should be able to indulge you if you call to reschedule for Saturday because that’s the only available time you have for training. If they are inflexible about their schedules, chances are that they have their hands full.

And training facilities that have their hands full may not be able to offer you the personal coaching you need – and trust us, you want that personal attention.

Have Standard Training Facilities

A standard motorcycle training facility is without a doubt, crucial. You should practice in a controlled, low risk environment. This way, you can perfect your riding skills and gain the confidence to ride on public roads.

A reputable motorcycle training academy should have a standard rider training ground, motorcycles you can practice with, implement standard safety protocols, help you obtain your learner permit or licence, and, above all, teach you to become a safe and responsible rider. They should also be accredited by VicRoads.

At Ridetek, we offer all these and more. Call us today on 1300 788 382 or visit our website for more information or to book your training sessions today. 

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