Getting your Motorcycle Learner Permit in VIC

There are certain necessary requirements that you need to undergo if you are keen on obtaining a motorcycle learner permit in Victoria.The entire process of obtaining a motorcycle learner permitis well defined and has been conceptualized to provide the best support and authority to you for riding a motorcycle in Victoria.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Learner Permit in Victoria

Validity of Learner Permit

To start with, a motorcycle learner permit enables you to learn how to ride and become a competent rider. This phase is considered to be the learning period of which you are expected to learn and understand the restrictions, laws, traffic rules and other associated bylaws that you would be required to be familiar with to obtain your Full Motorcycle licence.

This learner permit is legal for 15 months or until you obtain your Full Motorcycle Licence .Just ensures you obtain a motorcycle licence prior to expiration of your learner permit or else you will have to undergo the test again.

Eligibility for Getting A Learner Permit

You should be a minimum of 18 years old and a resident of Victoria to seek a learner permit. In addition, you need to pass an eyesight exam, motorcycle knowledge exam, road law knowledge test (it is not necessary if you possess a car learner permit or licence), motorcycle learner skill test.

Once you obtain the learner permit, you need to hold this for a minimum of three months before you can convert to a Full Motorcycle licence.

How to Prepare for Learner Permit Test

You can get yourself ready for this test by referring the Victorian Rider handbook that you can get from our Home page,VicRoads online bookshops,VicRoads Service Centers and some news agents.

How to Appear in a Test along with Training

You can enroll with RIdetek MTA for theoretical and practical training for your learner permit.

Explore the information on all the courses offered by RIdetek MTA in our course section and call us to schedule your training and testing to obtain your learner permit or Full licence.

Documentations Required

On the day of your test, you should bring your car drivers licence or learner permit as proof of identity and residence.

Having a motorcycle learner permit is of the essence if you are keen on riding a motorcycle in Victoria. There are several guidelines and restrictions that you need to follow during the process of obtaining a learner permit. Call us on 1300 788 382 to have a detailed understanding of the process and to help you prepare well to qualify the written and practical test for learner permit.

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