Motorcycle Learner Permit Knowledge Test

Eligibility for Testing

You must be at least 18 years of age before booking for the motorcycle learner knowledge exam.

Structure of Test

Currently the motorcycle learner knowledge exam is written and is not an online test.

The test is comprised of 32 multiple choice questions, at least 25 out of 32 marks must be correct to pass this test. The Victorian Rider handbook which is located on Ridetek MTA’s Home page will provide sufficient knowledge & necessary information to give you the correct knowledge to pass the exam, but be sure to read the Victorian Rider handbook cover to cover.

This test is available only at accredited VicRoads and VicRoads Service Providers, such as Ridetek MTA.

Get in touch with us today on 1300 788 382 to book yourself in.

If you are successful in obtaining your Motorcycle Learners, you will need to hold your Motorcycle learner permit for at least three months before you can convert to your full licence.

Hopefully this gives you the stepping stone to begin your journey of obtaining your Motorcycle learner permit and when applicable your Full Motorcycle Licence.

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