Motorcycle Licence Course in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne and love to ride motorcycles, obtaining a licence or Learner Permit is mandatory before you can ride on public roads. Riding a motorcycle without a valid Learner Permit or licence is a punishable offense in Melbourne. The licensing procedure in Victoria, Australia is quite strict, and there are many restrictions and conditions applicable when it comes to issuing a Learner Permit in Victoria. This article discusses the process of obtaining a motorcycle licence in Victoria.


An Emphasis on Rider Safety
All the aforementioned restrictions and conditions are placed to safeguard the life of the rider. Motorcycles can pose a valid threat to the life of the rider than any other vehicle on the road. The protection between the rider’s body and the motorcycle during a severe accident is minimal. This is why there are so many fatal injuries occurring to motorcycle riders on a daily basis. This is not restricted to Melbourne or Victoria alone, it is the same in whichever country where motorcycles are permitted on the road. Most motorcycle accidents in Victoria are fatal in nature. This is the primary reason for the strict control when issuing motorcycle licences in Victoria.

Helmet and Protective Gear
The rider’s body will have to take all the brunt of the accident when a motorcycle accident occurs. This is one reason why a helmet is mandatory for all riders in Victoria. It will at least help to prevent severe damage to the head area during an accident. You must be thorough on the safety laws of the state and be able to balance and control the motorcycle before planning to apply for a Learner Permit in Victoria. Once you’ve held a Learner Permit for at least three months, you may apply for a licence.

Learner Permit and Licence
Victoria Road Corporation or VicRoads , is the authority responsible for issuing Learner Permits and licences to riders in Victoria. You will have to undergo written and practical tests before you can get your Learner Permit or licence. To obtain a motorcycle Learner Permit or Licence in Victoria, you must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of Victoria.

Victorian Rider Handbook
The Victorian Rider Handbook is the authority on all the rules and regulations in obtaining a licence in Victoria. This handbook should be studied thoroughly by all potential candidates. The handbook can be purchased from any customer service centre of VicRoads. A candidate should pass the motorcycle knowledge test and eyesight test to obtain a licence. The motorcycle Learner Permit skill assessment and the learner permit road law knowledge test should also be passed if you are to be qualified in obtaining the licence in Victoria.

Accredited Motorcycle Licence Training Academy
All accredited agencies in Victoria are authorized to conduct motorcycle licence training on behalf of VicRoads. These agencies offer comprehensive training packages in order to prepare riders before taking the tests. Even though a motorcycle Learner Permit is valid for fifteen months, you are able to apply for the licence once you’ve had your Learner Permit for at least three months. If the permit expires after 15-months, you must undergo another practical and written test to obtain the licence.

Ride-Tek MTA is considered one of the best training facilities for obtaining a motorcycle licence in Victoria. Ride-Tek Motorcycle Training Academy is a one-stop shop for all your Learner Permit and licence training requirements in Victoria. Not only can they help you get your Learner Permit and Licence, they will teach you how to ride safely and skilfully for the rest of your life.

Ride-Tek’s courses are offered seven days a week for riders of all levels. Mel Baker, the owner of the academy, is an active motorcyclist for a considerable time. He has a Motorcycling Australia Coaching licence as well. The instructors of the academy has 65 years of combined experience in the field of motorcycle riding. This is why, you need to join Ride-Tek MTA in order to obtain the best motorcycle licence training in Melbourne.

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