Motorcycle Training – Why You Need It

Have you always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but didn’t know where to start? Motorcycles are the dream of every little boy, so it comes as no surprise that as grownups, we still wish to ride motorcycles. Motorcycles also have specific advantages over cars and bicycles. For example, regular bicycles obviously lack the thrill and speed of motorcycles. Cars, on the other hand, can get us to our destination very quickly, yet they don’t provide the same thrill. Cars are also very expensive, making a motorcycle a better choice. Also, motorcycles use less petrol than cars. If you are on a strict budget, but have to travel to work every day, a motorcycle might be just what you need.

How to Get Started
How exactly do we get started riding a motorcycle? What else is involved to be able to get a motorcycle yourself? Actually, learning to ride can be easy and safe, especially when you have a reputable Motorcycle Training Academy by your side. At RideTek, we are specialized in giving you the best possible training to get you ready for your own motorcycle in no time.

Pre-Learner Course
If you are just starting out, the best choice for you would be the Pre-Learner Course. This course is specifically made for beginners who have never ridden a motorcycle before. This course is the best place to start as it focuses on starting the bike, riding away and shifting gears. These are important basics everyone should master before attempting to ride on public roads.

After you have successfully finished the pre-learner course, or if you already have some more experience, the next motorcycle training would be the Learner Permit Course. Ideal for beginners to intermediate riders, the course teaches the riding fundamentals in the Pre-Learner Course, but combines this with the experience building skills of riding a bike on the road. This means that you will start to really ride a motorcycle in this course. It is also the perfect training to take if you want to apply for a Learner Permit.

Learner Permit Course
In Victoria, Australia, you can’t ride your motorcycle on public roads unless you have either a Learner Permit or a Licence. Before you can get a license you need a Learner Permit first. This is where RideTek’s Learner Permit Course comes in:

  • To help you develop the skills required to become a safe and competent rider
  • To gain the practical skills needed to deal with various road and traffic situations
  • To ensure success in taking the Learner Permit Tests

Most riders who take the tests without training, failed. On the other hand, those who trained with us showed an almost 100% success rate.

If you are already an experienced rider, you can still take the training in order to refresh your riding skills and knowledge. Our courses not only focus on the theory behind riding, but much more so on gaining experience and getting the right feel for your motorcycle.

Licence Course
Once you have received a Learner Permit, and you have it for at least three months, you can then apply for the actual license. However, before applying for the license, it is better to prepare by taking the Licence Course. This course will teach you advance riding skills. Once you finished this course, you are completely ready to get your license and most of all, get your very own motorcycle. Come and have a look at our motorbike training at ridetek.com.au!

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