Learner Permit Holders Lane Filter: Can Learners’ Lane Filter in Victoria?

  Can Learners’ Lane Filter in Victoria? This change in legislation is only applicable to motorcycle license holders, and not to those who only possess a learner’s permit. It is an offense for a rider who holds a Learners Permit to Lane Filter. In 2015, the legislation regarding lane filtering in Victoria was changed. The …

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Group Motorcycle Riding

Are You Planning a Group Motorcycle Ride? There is nothing like going for a road trip with a group of motorcycling friends. It’s a great time for bonding, sharing and just experiencing the great outdoors with others who feel the same way you do about riding on two wheels. However, even for a short group …

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Obtaining Your Learner’s Permit

When you have obtained your Learner Permit it is vital for your safety that you continue to enhance and develop your practical riding skills and roadcraft skills. Learning and developing sound Roadcraft skills will not only Keep you Safer but it will also greatly Enhance your Riding Enjoyment, and to this end we would like …

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LAMS Approved Bikes – Victoria

Motorcycle learner permit and licence holders who are on a restricted licence are limited to riding Scooters and Motorcycles that are approved under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) It is the novice motorcyclists responsibility to ensure that they only ride a motorcycle that is approved under the LAMS Scheme. This register of approved by …

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