THE GLS (Graduated Licensing System) IS COMING OCTOBER 14!!

Considering getting your Learners permit or currently hold a permit and are eligible to obtain your Licence?? If so then now is the time to come see us and get it done.

The GLS “A safer start on the roads for motorcyclists” will be introduced in October 2014 which will mean increased restriction periods and automatic/manual specific Licences & Learners permits issued.

We have organised a full rundown on the major changes and how it effects the entire Motorcycle community.

It is our duty at Ridetek MTA as one of Victoria’s leading training providers for motorcyclists, to give our customers and community the latest news and we would like to announce that beginning in October 2014 a new Graduated Licensing System (GLS) for motorcycle licensing will start to be phased in. Consequently, all motorcyclists who want to become licensed under the existing laws must do so prior to October 2014.

The GLS will be implemented in two stages over the next 18 months, but it should be noted that stage 1 will be introduced in OCTOBER THIS YEAR!

This new program will include improved education and training, testing, and new conditions to better prepare newly licensed motorcyclists in order to minimise the likelihood of injury due to crashes.

The GLS will remove restrictions gradually in order to manage risk as motorcyclists gain experience. The new GLS for motorcyclists will include:

Learner Licence Phase

✓ Must wear high visibility jacket or vest when riding
✓ Headlights on at all times
✓ May only ride automatic motorcycle if tested on automatic
✓ May only ride a motorcycle that is learner approved
✓ No mobile phone use
✓ No pillion passenger
✓ Zero BAC
✓ Must carry permit
✓ No towing
✓ L plates must be displayed

Restricted Licence Phase

✓ Headlights on at all times
✓ No towing
✓ Can only ride an automatic motorcycle if tested on an automatic
✓ Mobile phone use prohibited
✓ No pillion passenger
✓ BAC of zero
✓ May only ride a motorcycle that is learner approved
✓ Must carry licence at all times

The Restricted Licence Phase conditions will have a duration of 3 years increased from the current 1 year period.

The first portion of the GLS introduces new requirements for newly licensed riders and learners. The current requirements are also extended including no pillion passengers, blood alcohol of zero, and no use of mobile phones, from 12 months to 36 months, making them similar to regulations for new automobile drivers.
Learner licence holders are required to always have their headlights on and wear a high visibility jacket or vest while riding to improve visibility.

Riders who have tested on an automatic bike or scooter cannot ride on a manual bike until their restricted licence period is completed or they have tested again on a manual motorcycle.

The second stage of the new GLS will involve enhanced training requirements. There will be a new on-road assessment and test that will occur in the learner phase. The second stage will be effective beginning in late 2015.
New motorcyclists must complete a mandatory training session and an on-road assessment prior to riding solo.
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