The Various Phases of Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycle riding, your learning never stops. The world is always changing around you, which means you must continually learn new ways to remain safe in any environment.

When riding a motorcycle, safety is always the top priority.

Increasing your skills is a large part of the motorcycle experience,  so we suggest to continue with rider training even after you have your lisense.


RideTek is a leading provider of motorcycle rider training, tests, and assessment for licensing. It’s sort of a “one-stop-shop” for learning to ride as well as obtaining a learner permit. From the Pre-Learner Course to advanced Post Learner courses, RideTek caters to riders of all levels and experience.

To take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided by RideTek, you need to take all of their available courses, especially the Learner Permit Course.

The Learner Permit Course teaches the fundamentals of motorcycle safety, maintenance, handling, and riding.

Here are a some of the most important rider training courses the academy offers.

Learn to ride a motorcycle

Pre-Learner Course

It all starts with the Pre-Learner Course. This is where the very basics of riding and handling a motorcycle are taught.

The fundamentals taught in the Pre-Learner Course cover the basics of

  • Safety checks;
  • Shifting gears; and
  • Safely starting and stopping the bike

These are the things you need to learn before you can actually ride a motorcycle.

This is only a two-hour course and it remains at a low, fixed price. This is to encourage everyone to attend this course before heading to the Learner Permit Course to get a learner permit. As with all other tests, you’ll have access to their garage of certified motorcycles for the lessons.


Learner Permit Course

Once you’ve finished the Pre-Learner course, it’s time to schedule the real deal. The Learner Permit Course will significantly improve your chances of passing the learners exam.

A small percent of people pass without taking the course, but more than 90 percent of the people who take the Learner Permit Course pass.

The entire course is broken down into a few key exercises.

The very first exercise is learning the basic motorcycle operations. With the bike in a stationary position, you will learn to operate all of the controls, such as the lights and fuel tap. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to adjust these features without looking at them, thus allowing you to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

The next exercise is a simple left turn and gradual stop. You’ll need to start the bike and get it to 2nd without stalling (which you learned in the Pre-Learner course). From there, you simply follow the provided trail and eventually come to a normal stop.

Motorcycles tend to get easier to drive the faster they go. However, at RideTek, they want to teach you how to properly drive a slow moving motorcycle while maintaining balance. This is exactly the next exercise in the Learner Permit Course.

The final exercise is a right turn with a quick stop. This is similar to the left turn exercise, except it’s in a reverse direction and with a quick stop, rather than a normal or gradual stop.

If you pass all of these exercises, then you will be awarded your Motorcycle Learner Permit. You’ll need to hold onto this permit for at least three months before you are eligible for a full-fledged motorcycle licence.


Post-Learner Courses

The learning doesn’t stop after you get your learner permit.

There are multiple Post-Learner Courses available for riders with licence or learner permits. Two of these are

  • Post Learner Skill Development Course: This course helps teach more advanced functionality on a closed course. It’s a great opportunity to take your riding skills to the next level
  • On-Road Roadcraft Course: This course takes it to the road and teaches riders safety techniques they need to know while riding on the open road

Post-learner courses are definitely recommended once you’ve earned your learner permit or motorcycle licence.

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