Why Motorcycle Training Must Be Given More Importance

Motorcycle Training Importance

Owning a motorcycle does not only give you the joy of riding in an open air, it also offer other benefits such as affordability, better fuel efficiency that can save you money on gas, and easier maintenance. A motorcycle is also an environment-friendly option as it only emits less carbon and consumes less oil compared to the four-wheeled vehicles. In fact, there are so many other benefits you can get from motorcycle ownership. And these are the reasons why owning a motorcycle has become a popular asset acquisition not only in Australia but also worldwide.

However, motorcycle ownership requires great responsibility from the riders. This is especially important as some of the recorded road accidents are due to reckless motorcycle riding. That is why it is prudent to weigh the pros and cons of owning a motorcycle before buying. Certainly, there are several various motorcycle gears that can keep you protected while riding. But remember, motorcycle gears and accessories are designed to solely protect your body in the instance of accidents. It does not educate you on how to prevent yourself from committing an accident while on the road. That is why motorcycle training is strictly required for all riders before hitting the road

Purpose of Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle gear and accessories are also equally important. Hence, when a person buys a new motorcycle, the decision almost always includes the purchase of a complete motorcycle gear and accessories. All these are aimed at making the riding experience more pleasurable. A complete set would include:

  • Helmet;
  • Gloves;
  • Jacket;
  • Pants; and
  • Boots, among other necessary accessories

However, these are not enough to say you are already safe while riding on the road. The motorcycle gear does not guarantee you could be safe at all times. That is why it is wiser to invest in a motorcycle training that guarantees your safety on the road. Every motorcycle rider should give much importance and priority to the training that involves their safety. This is especially important because some motorcycle gears command a very hefty price. But instead of spending a huge amount on less important motorcycle accessories, you must, at least, give more importance to the training.

But this does not mean you don’t equip yourself with motorcycle gear at all. In such a case, ask yourself first which should receive priority for funding, the gear or training. Let’s take the cudgels for gear. What is the gear for? There is a philosophy for riders to wear the safety gear at all times: all the gear all the time (ATGATT). It is the philosophy that institutionalised the motorcycle gear as a necessary accessory of the motorcycle rider. The announced purpose of the gear is for the safety of the rider, considering that motorcycle riding is prone to accidents at all times.

However, the gear does not provide safety for its rider; it simply presents itself as a protection in case an accident will occur. No matter what gear a rider wear, it will only protect him to a certain extent. It does not stop the accident from happening. The gear, in the case of an accident, will only help to lessen the accident’s impact on the rider.

Importance of Motorcycle Training

What will stop or prevent the occurrence of accidents is the more rigorous and advanced motorcycle training. These various training can make riders vigilant and develop the presence of mind while on the road. It will also promote safe and defensive riding habits, proactiveness, and visual alertness. A quality motorcycle training can give the riders understanding and observance of road and traffic rules, as well as a healthy road disposition.

So rather than splurge on more expensive gear accessories, a compromise option must be considered. You must only invest in an expensive and top quality helmet to efficiently protect the most critical part of your body. For the rest of the gear such as the jacket, pants, and gloves, among many others, you just settle for the less expensive option. More importance should be given to developing your skill in motorcycle operating proficiency through training that will ensure the rider’s continuing safety on the road.

Training beyond Licensing

It is widely perceived that the only training a rider should get to be able to operate his motorcycle is the training he gets when he secures his motorcycle licence. However, this is obviously not sufficient to guarantee his safety. The motorcycle rider must not be contented with just passing the training required for the issuance of his licence. He must acquire more exposure and experience to add to his present level of knowledge and skills until he shall have fully mastered his motorcycle.

There are two areas of personal riding skills he must develop. One is his own skills as a rider operating his motorcycle and the other is an understanding of the attitudes and behaviour of the other riders. Surely, there are costs involved in these further training. But a motorcycle owner has every reason to acquire this mastery because it is his own life that is involved.

Quality Motorcycle Training at Ridetek MTA

For top quality motorcycle training that would ensure your safety on the road, trust only the leading motorcycle training academy in Australia such as Ridetek MTA. We are the best provider of motorcycle rider training based in Victoria, Australia. We are also accredited by VicRoads to issue permits and licences in the state. We, at Ridetek, consider your utmost safety of paramount importance. Hence, we strive to live by this philosophy in the various training that we conduct. We want to ensure that you are guaranteed safe during and even after completing your training with us. For more information and consultations, please call us on 1300 788 382.

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