Optional Discretionary Courses

The Check Ride is conducted with a maximum of 5 students to 1 Instructor. The first stage is a number of exercises held on the training range.

The exercises cover correct steering inputs, effective use of vision and eye direction, cornering and braking techniques and exercises involving simulated road-riding .



This course is designed specifically for current holders of a motorcycle learner permit, but have not had the opportunity to further develop their practical riding skills since obtaining their permit.

The course is 3 hours in duration and will include:

Course Duration and Scheduling


Specifically for riders who hold a current licence but have not ridden for an extended period.

The Returning Rider course is now covered by the 3 hour Check Ride course.

The Check Ride includes activities on our training range and a group road ride. The Course will cover:

Course Duration and Scheduling



This course is specifically designed for people who have had no previous manual gearbox experience either in a car or motorcycle. In this circumstance it would be strongly recommended to be completed prior to completing your Learner Permit Course with us (This course can only be booked in conjunction with the Learner permit course)

The skills covered can include:-

Course Duration and Scheduling

All training is held at our facility at Sandown Raceway, Princes HWY. Springvale

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