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Motorcycle Training & Assessment Continues

As you all aware, the motorcycle training and assessment services undertaken by accredited motorcycle service providers is deemed to be an essential service.

As RideTek is a VicRoads-accredited provider, you are delivering necessary training to clients.
You should continue to maintain strict hygiene standards in accordance with the Department of  Health and Human Services’ guidelines for maintaining physical  distancing and other transmission reduction measures.

RideTek Offers Training & Assessment While Practicing Strict Observance of Gov. Hygiene & Social Distance Requirements.

RideTekHas Temporarily Moved To Larger Rooms So We All Have More Space


Do you have a question regarding obtaining your Motorcycle Learners  Permit , Check Ride or Motorcycle Licence Assessment?

Here are some of  the most Frequently Asked Questions.

As always do not hesitate to contact RideTek Motorcycle Training Academy with any queries you may have. 


Yes. You are attending a booked course or test for the purpose of education

Motorcycle testing is permitted to continue as normal as it is considered an essential service to keep industry moving. Travel to our site to attend a booked course or test falls under the category of essential travel for the purpose of education

There is a “Multiple Choice Answer” Knowledge test as part of your Learner Permit Assessment (as well as a practical test). This theory test is required by Vicroads. To assist with the theory test you should read the “Victorian Rider Handbook” (on our website).
We have Honda CB125’s, & Honda Automatic Scooters.
No!–We are fully Vicroads accredited and we can issue Learner Permits and Licences on their behalf.

Everything is provided for you for the 2 Days of training for the Learner permit. We have the Motorcycle, Helmet, Gloves and wet weather clothing if required.

We simply ask you to wear long pants, long sleeves.

All skin must be covered including elbows and ankles. Wear sensible footwear on the day of your course.

For the Check Ride and Licence Assessment, we do encourage you to bring along your own bike and gear, however these can be hired from us for a minimal fee.

Well done, you’ve successfully completed your Check Ride. So what’s next? You can now book, if you haven’t already, for your Licence assessment

For Your Licence Assessment Please Read The Following

  • You must bring your Motorcycle Learners permit (The plastic card)
  • You must bring your drivers licence or hazard perception test (HPT)
  • Bring your Check Ride assessment sheet with you.
  • Make sure your motorcycle is road worthy with an “L” plate attached.
  • You must have proof of residence if it varies from the address on your licence or learners permit.
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves. All skin must be covered including elbows and ankles. Wear sensible footwear on the day.



A. The best type of bike to learn on is a bike that is conducive to developing good riding habits and that is comfortable to ride.

I would suggest a bike that promotes a more upright riding style.

Generally, these bike are better balanced, easier to control and are more forgiving.

However please don’t be discouraged from buying the bike you really want.

At the end of the day, the range of motorcycles available for Learners is simply amazing, from cruisers to Dual sport bikes, to practical scooters.

Work out honestly when you are going to ride and select a machine that suits your purpose. In the end it is your decision. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

A. Our Learner permit courses start at 8am and finish at 3.30pm.

The Check Ride courses start at 8am and finish between 11.30 and 12 midday.

Our Licence courses are held throughout the day. The Licence course takes one and a quarter hours, starting as early as 8am with our last licence being conducted at 3pm.

A. Lets not call it a fail. Call it an unsuccessful attempt.

Not that it will make you feel any better.

If you have been unsuccessful Vic Roads do not allow us to retest you on the same day, so another booking will need to be made.

If it is the Learners Test you failed, the retest is free.

We also offer remedial courses that can help reduce your nerves, build more confidence and work on specific aspects or activities that could help you pass next time. After all we get disappointed when you are unsuccessful as well.

A. Yep, is the simple answer. If you have an overseas motorcycle licence that has been verified by Vic Roads. the Check ride is not compulsory.

However the check ride is an excellent opportunity to build on the core skills and consolidate the roadcraft tactics so important for safe road riding.

A. The Check ride is next. Although you could come back and do the Check ride as soon as you like, we recommend riding as many Klm’s as possible before you returning for your Check ride.

Ideally, after passing your Learners permit assessment a rider would purchase a scooter or motorcycle and ride for a few months before returning for their Check ride.

A. Yes. No matter wether you are a mature age returning rider or have ridden dirt bikes since you were a little tacker, everyone must wait the 3yr probationary period. The only Exemption to this would be if you were converting your overseas motorcycle licence.

If you are a fully licenced driver, no plate needs to be displayed on your bike.

As the motorcycle licence becomes an endorsement on your current drivers licence a rider need only display a “P” plate if they are displaying one on their car. So if you have a green plate on your car that is what needs to be on your bike.

A. Oooh, that’s a tough question. Generally the bike you like and feels comfortable.

Buying a motorcycle is mixture of the practical combined with the emotional. It depends where and when you are going to ride.

Perhaps a 125 cc. scooter is not the best machine if you spend a lot of time on the freeways, but could be a good decision if you live inner city and wish to commute to Melbourne CBD for example.

Also check the various motorcycle  reviews available in magazines or online

A. That depends on a lot of factors. I advise you to weigh up the pro’s and con’s.

If you can afford a new bike, then I suggest that might be the way to go.

At least you know what your getting. If your budget is a little tight, there are plenty of good second hand bikes available as well.

Just remember, whether you buy a new bike or second hand, leave some money for your riding gear.

A. Ie recommend a bike that looks good, rides well, has low Klm’s and comes with RWC & Reg. should be a safe bet.

Just remember it’s your bike , your decision.

A. I wish I could tell you it is zero but that would be telling porky pies.

Our failure rate can change from month to month depending on the weather and seasons.

At Ride-tek we do set a high standard for our riders. We do not simply teach you how to pass a test.

When a successful rider leaves Ride-tek they know they are the best and safest rider they can be.

If you are really worried about whether you will pass or fail I recommend you read our reviews and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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