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The Check Ride stage, is also mandatory, can be undertaken at any time following the issue of your learner permit.

The Check Ride must be taken at least one calendar month before obtaining your motorcycle license. It consists of 3.5hrs of training on-road and on our training range.

This course is designed as a preparatory stage which will enable the rider to ensure that his/her road safety skills and practical skills are of a sufficient level to allow safe and successful completion of the Motorcycle Licence Assessment (MLA) which can be taken one month after completion of the Check Ride stage.* (other conditions apply).

The Check Ride is conducted with our normal 5 to 1 Student/Instructor ratio and the first stage is a number of exercises conducted on our training range covering correct steering inputs, effective use of vision and eye direction, braking and cornering techniques and simulated road-riding exercises.

These exercises are then followed by a group road-ride in varying, typical road and traffic conditions with each student completing “lead and follow” stages with our instructor, covering aspects such as:

The VicRoads Motorcycle Check Ride is a program designed to help riders identify areas where they can improve their skills and knowledge, and to help them become safer and more confident riders.

The Check Ride is an assessment of a rider’s ability to handle their motorcycle safely and competently on the road.

Benefits of the VicRoads Motorcycle Check Ride:

  • The Check Ride helps riders identify areas where they can improve their skills.
  • The Check Ride is conducted by a VicRoads accredited assessor who provides riders with feedback on their riding skills and knowledge. This can help riders identify areas where they may need to improve, such as braking, cornering, or hazard perception.
  • It promotes safe and confident riding: The Check Ride is designed to assess a rider’s ability to handle their motorcycle safely and competently on the road.
  • The feedback provided by the assessor can help riders develop their skills and confidence, which can lead to safer and more enjoyable riding experiences.


This feedback let’s you know what areas you should work on to reduce the risk of not being successful in your Motorcycle Licence assessment.

The Check Ride is also used by returning Riders as it is an opportunity to assess riding skills, as the feedback received is invaluable and may point out various areas of your riding that needs more work and potentially further training.

There are a number of benefits to completing the motorcycle Check Ride, including:

Improved skills and knowledge: The Check Ride provides riders with the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and to improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment.
Increased safety: The Check Ride helps riders to identify areas where they can improve their riding skills and knowledge, which can lead to increased safety on the road.
Increased confidence: The Check Ride can help riders to develop their confidence in their riding abilities, which can lead to a more enjoyable and rewarding riding experience.

Preparation for the licence assessment: The Check Ride is a valuable preparation for the motorcycle licence assessment, as it provides riders with the opportunity to practice their skills in a similar environment to the assessment.

The motorcycle Check Ride is mandatory for all motorcycle learners in Victoria before they can book their licence assessment.

What Aspects Does The Check Ride Cover?

The instructor will provide each student with a feedback sheet on completion of the Check Ride which will outline any areas which may require attention and practice prior to undertaking the Motorcycle Licence Assessment.

N.B. The Check Ride Course is ideal as a refresher course for returning riders who still hold a current Motorcycle Licence but have not ridden for some period of time

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What is the Benefit of the Check Ride?


Understanding Its Role in Victoria’s Motorcycle Licensing Process

In Victoria, Australia, becoming a licensed motorcyclist involves several important steps, one of which is the Check Ride. The Check Ride is a critical aspect of the motorcycle licensing process designed by VicRoads to enhance rider skills, increase road safety awareness, and prepare learners for their final license assessment.

Check Ride Overview

What is a Check Ride?

The Check Ride is a mandatory riding session for learner motorcyclists that must be completed before taking the final license assessment known as the Motorcycle Licence Assessment Test. It is essentially a preparatory stage that bridges the gap between obtaining a learner permit and being tested for a full motorcycle license.

Designed by VicRoads, – The Check Ride allows riders to receive constructive feedback on their riding skills in real-world conditions. The session is conducted by approved training providers across Victoria who are experienced in identifying and correcting common riding errors and enhancing the safety and skill levels of learner riders.

Purpose of the Check Ride

The primary goal of a Check Ride is to ensure that learner riders have adequate practical riding skills and a sound understanding of road safety principles before progressing to the Motorcycle Licence Assessment.

During the Check Ride, instructors assess riders on various aspects such as:

  • Handling and control of the motorcycle
  • Ability to make safe decisions while riding
  • Competence in managing common road situations
  • Application of road rules relating to motorcyclists

This assessment helps to identify any areas where further improvement is needed and provides an opportunity for targeted advice and training that can be crucial for safe riding.

What To Expect During a Check Ride

A Check Ride typically lasts for approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. The session includes a mix of practical on-road riding, where learners are closely observed by the instructor, and off-road discussions or briefings to provide feedback and discuss various riding techniques and strategies for safe riding.

What you can expect during a Check Ride:

  • Pre-Ride Briefing: At the beginning of the session, riders receive a detailed briefing from their instructor covering the day’s objectives and what to focus on during the ride.
  • Riding Session: Learners then take to the road, usually in a small group, to practice and demonstrate their riding skills across a variety of traffic situations and environments.
  • Post-Ride Feedback: After the riding segment, instructors provide individual feedback to each learner, discussing specific strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback is invaluable for learners to understand their current skill levels and what is expected in the assessment.
  • Advice on Further Learning: Instructors may also recommend additional training or practice on certain skills, ensuring learners are fully prepared for the final assessment.

Importance of the Check Ride

Including a Check Ride in the licensing process emphasizes the importance of practical, on-road experience for learner riders. It reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring that only competent riders progress to the final stages of the motorcycle licensing process. Moreover, it aligns with Victoria’s overall goal of improving road safety and reducing traffic-related injuries and fatalities.

The Check Ride is a fundamental component of Victoria’s approach to motorcycle licensing. By providing structured, practical training and feedback, it helps ensure that new motorcyclists are not only skilled and confident but also conscious of their responsibilities as road users.

Take the Check Ride seriously as it is a stepping stone to becoming a skilled, safe, and responsible motorcyclist in Victoria.



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