Our Trainers


Mel Baker

I first received my motorcycle license at age 16 (50 years ago when JC was still on P-plates) in Leeds U.K.

I started Ride-Tek MTA about 17 years ago after spending some time working as a motorcycle instructor for Transport Driver Training in Dandenong.

My Favourite Bikes

For a while there I raced 125GP bikes with Hartwell Motorcycle Club for several seasons which was a lot of fun. Over the course of my life riding bikes, I have owned many motorcycles (probably too many according to “the boss”)! My standout favourites have always been any bike with a Ducati badge and am currently riding Ducati Panigale.

The work horse is my Suzuki GSXR 600 which capably deals with the daily commuter traffic to and from Ride-Tek.

My Favourite Track

By far my favourite riding experience is whenever I ride at the track, any track, but my favourite is Mac Park in Mt. Gambier, followed closely by Broadford Raceway. Race days and ride days are always a lot of fun and the track is also a very safe environment to develop bike skills without having to worry about four-wheeled traffic.

Why I Started Ride-Tek MTA

My driving passion for starting Ride-Tek MTA was to establish a training business which would become the “One-Stop-Shop” in Motorcycle Training. Over that 17 years of successful operation, I believe we have achieved that, as we now offer a very comprehensive diverse list of courses to suit every level of riding skill.

That list is unmatched within the Motorcycle Training industry.

Ride-Tek Is Proud Of Their Experienced Professional Trainers

At Ride-Tek we are a team of experienced professional riders and we are dedicated to helping other riders develop their handling and cognitive skills to become the safest road-riders they can possibly be. As long as we choose to ride motorcycles, we are always developing skills and this, in turn, enhances our riding enjoyment. We look forward to seeing you at Ride-Tek and remember “Your Safety Is Our Business”

Mels’s FAQ in a Nutshell

Q. What Bike Do You Currently Ride?
A. 2011 Suzuki GSXR 600 & 2003 Ducati 999

Q. What’s Your Dream Bike And Why?
A. I already own it (Ducati). Quite simply its the most awesome Italian superbike ever made

Q. Favourite Riding Experience Or Most Favourite Ride?
A. Every time I ride at the track it becomes the best riding experience. Best road ride was from Melbourne to Bairnsdale and then over Mt Hotham to Myrtleford (this ride was designed for riders)

Q. Favourite Course To Instruct?
A. All of them except introductory course! (Thats how I got grey hair!)


Alistair Roberts – Al


I have ridden motorcycles for approx. 30 years and started out of necessity. My wife and I had just had a baby and we needed a second mode of transport. We couldn’t afford the expense of purchasing and running a car so looked for a cheaper option. Something cheap to run, service and maintain.

Petrol cost 12 cents a litre, registration for a motorcycle was $170.00 and I could maintain a bike myself. So a motorbike it was. It was love at first sight.

Since then I have owned numerous motorcycles and ride predominately in busy conjested traffic. I have been a postie for 13 years and only worked part time, with another provider, on weekends, as a motorcycle instructor.

I Find Instructing Incredibly Rewarding And Fun

I found that helping other like minded people learn to ride motorcycles safely and ultimately achieve their Licence was extremely rewarding.

I have met people throughout my time as an instructor that have changed the way i live my life. I have now worked with Ridetek for 9 years and seen many changes in motorcycle safety and training. I hope to be able to help others with their riding for many years to come or until I can’t throw my leg over a motorcycle any more.

My Bikes- Maggie And Doris

I currently have A Yamaha MT09 called Maggie and a Suzuki DR650 called Doris. The riding I most enjoy is adventure riding. I have had some amazing experiences in the outback and my dream is to ride the Simpson Desert before I get to Old. My favourite bike will be my next one….

We Care

People always ask me why we get such good feed back and what sets Ridetek apart from other providers. Its because we care, we really care about our riders. We not only have a duty of care to all the riders, but also their families and friends. We simply don’t want to put anybody on the road who would be a risk to themselves or anyone else.



“As the youngest of 6 children and growing up on a farm, I was thrown into riding motorbikes from a young age. My very first road bike was a Yamaha RD350, and man, I thought that thing could fly, (back in the late 70’s).

I’ve had the privilege of riding Triumphs, Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis and trikes of many different models, but, Harley Davidsons are my passion.

What I Enjoy About Being An Experienced Trainer With Ride-Tek

I live to ride, but I also ride to live, and I’m honoured that my dream job allows me to ride almost every day on my Suzuki Boulevard, which is a delight to ride.

Many people don’t even like their job, let alone love their job, but riding is my passion and therefore I absolutely love what I do.

Watching people fulfil their dream of becoming a rider and being privileged to be part of that journey is simply amazing and very satisfying.

Safe riding practices are definitely uppermost in the skills which I try to pass on to my students, and witnessing their accomplishments on a daily basis, I believe makes my efforts very worthwhile.”




My first bike was a Suzuki 100cc single cylinder way back in 1971 (a classic now!!) Riding for over 45 years I have had and progressed through many styles and sizes of bikes.

As a petite women I know some of the hurdles we small folk have to hurdle in order to ride, feel safe and confident on a motorcycle that may feel totally foreign to us.

My Current Rides

My current rides are an MV Augusta 920 Brutale and a KTM 390 Duke. I have always had a passion for motorcycling; which I get to share with like minded people wanting to start off and not knowing where to begin.

My Dream Job Is Being A Motorcycle Instructor

I have been working my dream job as a motorcycle instructor for almost 10 years now and I revel in it. I get to see a newbie start with their Learners Permit, see their progression of skills via Check Rides and then through to passing their License and beyond; what a joy.

One of the many benefits of this profession is that the more people we get on two wheels, the safer off we all will be, as you will be more motorcycle aware when driving your tin top (car)!!

Lance Deveson – Part time Instructor

Background & How Long Have You Been Riding?

  • Got my license at 17yrs and 9mnths – long time ago.
  • Grew up in Ballarat, my Dad was a motorcycle dealer for 50 years.
  • Working life: 40 years as a Teacher but always had at least 1 bike in the Garage.

What Do I Ride Now?

  • 2005 BMW K1200S – “The Gentleman’s Express”
  • 2003 Harley Davidson Electraglide & Sidecar “ Dev”
  • 1993 Honda VFR 750 – “Devo2”
  • 1986 Honda XBR 500 – café racer

Favourite Motorcycle Experience or Ride

Many over many years of riding but two stand out .

  • My wife and I have toured many kilometres on our Bikes but our Ride across USA in 2003 to attend the Harley 100th anniversary in Milwaukee is a highlight. We shipped our own bike over and did 20,000kms in 2 months – San Francisco to New York and back.
  • The second is the first time my son and I rode to “The Island” for the MotoGP after he got his licence after many years of him coming down as a pillion. The 3rd generation of Deveson’s on 2 wheels. Haven’t missed a GP since it has been back in Australia.

Why Do I Work At Ridetek?

I am a Teacher by profession but a motorcyclist by Passion , and being brought up in a motorcycle family, Teaching people to ride is a passion. I love it. I like to think my passion for all things motorcycling comes out in my teaching. Ridetek is a very supportive workplace. Everyone involved are real motorcycle enthusiasts and we all love what we do.

Rodney Lloyd

My First Bike..

My Very First Motorbike was an XR 250, with rec reg.  At 17 and 9 months, plus full reg for bike, a wobbly permit holder was born!

I clearly remember travelling on the Princes Hwy near Darnum in Gippsland, and wondering where should I place the bike in my lane…. Scary at the time, but the freedom of my own transport…….. priceless.

Learning to ride on the trail bike was fun; chasing my mates through the bush.

Road Bikes Changed My Thinking

As I  progressed to road bikes, the requirement to be more precise and  stay safe was obvious, but with no formal training, this actually took me years to get it right.

I sought out organised riding events that were not on public roads, and found the speed and thrills exhilarating. Getting back on the road after these fun days takes some adjustment, apply the skill but not the speed!

What I Know Now- I Wish I Had Known Back Then…

Now that I have been teaching other learners to get their permits and the licence courses have me reflecting on how my motorcycle journey may have differed considerably if Motorcycle Graduated Learning System was around in the 1980’s.

Riding with the right attitude right from the beginning is a great start. Be patient and work to build your skill over time, and plan on riding when you are old and grumpy!


Rodney Lloyd.

Mark Smith – Website Manager

Background & How Long Have You Been Riding?

I started my affair with motorcycles at the age of 12. My first bike was a Honda Mini Trail. After that I rode various models of dirt bikes, mainly Hondas and a Bultaco Alpina till I could get my licence. As soon as I had my licence my preference was travelling long distance. Till this day nothing beats just heading off, particularly when I don’t know where I am going to end up at the end of the day. I have explored a lot of Australia on 2 wheels.

All my road bikes have been twin cylinder machines. My first road bike was an XS650 followed by a Ducati Darmah. Then another Yamaha, then a long termer, a Guzzi Lemans, followed by a Harley XR1200. My present ride is a Harley Davidson Road King.

I manage the Ride-Tek website and assist in marketing of RideTek services. I will also be assisting in the advanced training. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and helping others in avoiding some of the mistakes  I have made over my motorcycling life.

Q. What Bike Do You Currently Ride?

A. Harley Road King 110CI FLHR

Q. What’s Your Dream Bike And Why?

A. Preferably one for every day of the week. A track bike, a Dual sport, a café racer, Another Moto Guzzi.& just a few others.

Q. Favourite Riding Experience or Most Favourite Ride?

A. My favourite roads are in anywhere in the Victorian High Country. I also enjoy attending the Classic Motorcycle Races at Philip Island.