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LAMS learner bikes Naked Motorcycle

Motorcycle learner permit and licence holders who are on a restricted licence are limited to riding Scooters and Motorcycles that are approved under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) It is the novice motorcyclists responsibility to ensure that they only ride a motorcycle that is approved under the LAMS Scheme. This register of approved by …

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Benefits of ABS for Motorcycles

ABS or anti-lock braking system was first introduced in cars in the 1970s, and now it is a common feature in most vehicles. However, motorcycles were a different story. It took a while for ABS to become a standard feature in motorcycles, mainly due to the resistance from bikers who believed it was an unnecessary …

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Long Distance Riding in Summer

Motorcycle Touring in Hot Weather

Riding long distance in Australia’s hot weather has its own challenges particularly when the temperature climbs. While we prefer the warmer days rather than Touring long distance in the middle of Winter, riding in the Summer motorcyclists still need to prepare. Motorcyclists can be exposed to health problems caused by dehydration and increase in core …

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Learner Permit Holders Lane Filter: Can Learners’ Lane Filter in Victoria?

  Can Learners’ Lane Filter in Victoria? This change in legislation is only applicable to motorcycle license holders, and not to those who only possess a learner’s permit. It is an offense for a rider who holds a Learners Permit to Lane Filter. In 2015, the legislation regarding lane filtering in Victoria was changed. The …

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Motorcycle Braking Techniques

Motorcycle Braking Braking, as with any other riding technique, is a learned ability. It is not a natural skill, but something that is studied and put into practice. Before you can be certain that you will do the right things in a crisis, you must learn the proper braking techniques first, enough to make them …

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