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Motorcycle Courses

Training Courses at Ride-Tek MTA We value our client safety and satisfaction, the quality of our instructors and the value of our courses. We offer a variety of courses at our training facilities and experienced, qualified instructors who will guide you from total beginner wishing to gain a Victorian Learners Permit (MPA) through the required […]

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Obtaining a Motorcycle License in Victoria

The VicRoads Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) is now in place. The Graduated Licensing System was introduced to expose new riders with a higher level of training particularly in gaining more exposure for real on-road riding. With the M-GLS, now in place the learner rider must complete a standardised compulsory 2 Day Learner Permit course. […]

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Motorcycle News Events

To help with the “Riding Season Rush” our phones will be manned from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 5pm on weekends. “SHOULD I GO FOR MY MOTORCYCLE PERMIT?” I would think that every rider who has a Learner Permit and/or Licence today, at some point in the past has asked […]

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Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles

One of the most common questions we get asked by students who  are Training for their Learners permit is ” What is the best LAMS Motorcycle?”  Of course it really does depend on your requirements and how much you wish to spend. The range of machine is choose from incredibly vast. Our suggestion is to […]

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