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Your Pathway to a Motorcycle Licence with Ride-Tek MTA Pty Ltd

Recently the Victorian Government legislated some major changes to Motorcycle Licencing in Victoria.

It is now mandatory that everyone wishing to ride a motorcycle in Victoria must undergo a 2 day Learner Permit Course (MPA), regardless of any previous riding experience. This course consists of a full 15 hours of training and testing conducted on our training range and “on-road”. Successful completion of this course and testing would result in you being issued with your motorcycle learner permit. Ride-Tek MTA provide the motorcycle and all safety equipment required for this course.
The MPA course covers all aspects of safe, responsible riding including all practical handling skills and roadcraft, including sound decision-making skills as a rider. Whether you are a complete novice or have had some previous experience, this course is designed to prepare you safely as a road rider.
Your motorcycle learner permit is valid for 15 months, allowing the time for you to purchase your first motorcycle and to further develop your skills.

The next step towards your motorcycle Licence would be to take part in a 3.5 hour Check Ride Course (CR). This course is conducted partly on our training range (50 minutes) and “on-road” and focuses on your hazard avoidance and roadcraft skills. This course is excellent preparation for your final step in obtaining your full motorcycle Licence.
The CR course will provide you with supervised experience in riding varying suburban roads, including multi-lane roads, two way traffic, curves and bends and controlled intersections. This course provides greater understanding of the major collision types which affect motorcyclists and how to identify and respond to those hazards.
It is preferred that you would provide your own roadworthy LAMS approved motorcycle for the Check Ride, however we have motorcycles available for your use if you do not have a road-registered, roadworthy motorcycle.

The final step is your Motorcycle Licence Assessment (MLA). This step is available to you one month (minimum) after you have completed your Check Ride Course. The MLA consists of 1hr 15mins of riding assessment, mainly carried out “on-road”, following a brief diagnostic ride on our training range.
The assessment focuses on your roadcraft and road safety skills in traffic, and is purely an assessment (no coaching provided), however if you require further training or coaching prior to undertaking your MLA assessment, we have some options for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, we are always available to help you with your riding.

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