Victorian Rider Handbook

Motorcycle Rider's Guide of Victoria

The Motorcycle Rider’s Guide of Victoria is an essential resource for preparing to take the motorcycle learner permit knowledge and licence examinations.

This guide covers:

  • Specific road laws applicable to motorcycle riders
  • Techniques for motorcycle road craft
  • Best practices for motorcycle safety.

The guide is divided into the following key sections:

– Section 1 – Preparation Phase: This includes motorcycle-specific road laws and the prerequisites for obtaining a licence.

Section 2 – Navigating the Roads: This section focuses on choosing appropriate gear and motorcycles, ensuring visibility, and maintaining proper control of the motorcycle.

Section 3 – Survival Strategies: It discusses maintaining safe distances, navigating challenging road conditions, nocturnal riding, and the logistics of transporting passengers and cargo.

Section 4 – Crisis Management: This section provides guidance on how to respond to emergencies and secure your motorcycle.

Handbook for Victorian motorcyclists free of charge

Updated Regulations for Distracted Driving


Effective from March 31, 2023, there have been updates to the road regulations concerning the operation of handheld, wearable, integrated, and affixed devices while driving or motorcycling.

Violations involving these devices, are now subject to penalties and can be detected through camera surveillance.

The Motorcycle Rider’s Guide of Victoria has incorporated these updates. For further details, refer to the “2023 Road Regulation Amendments of the Handbook”.

The VicRoads Motorcycle Handbook is an excellent resource for both novice and experienced motorcyclists in Victoria.

The Handbook serves a number of important purposes and offers multiple benefits:

  • Learning and Training Resource: The handbook provides comprehensive information on how to ride a motorcycle safely.
  • It covers various aspects of motorcycle operation, safety gear, and handling different road conditions.
  • An invaluable tool for learners who are preparing for their motorcycle license tests.

Rules and Regulations: The handbook outlines the specific road rules that apply to motorcyclists in Victoria. Understanding these rules helps riders to navigate the roads legally and safely, reducing the likelihood of fines and penalties.

Safety Tips: It promotes safety by educating riders on defensive driving techniques and the importance of protective clothing. By applying these guidelines, motorcyclists can significantly lower their risk of accidents and injuries.

Test Preparation: The handbook is designed to assist riders in passing both their learner and license tests. It often includes information that is directly relevant to the test content, helping potential riders to focus their studies effectively.

Updated Information: Road laws and recommendations can change, so the handbook helps ensure that all motorcyclists are aware of the current legal requirements and best practices.

Resource for All Riders: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the handbook offers valuable insights to enhance your skills and knowledge, contributing to a safer riding experience.

Overall, the VicRoads Motorcycle Handbook is a key resource for ensuring that motorcyclists in Victoria are well-educated, skilled, compliant with the law, and prepared to handle the challenges of road riding. It plays a critical role in promoting road safety and reducing accidents.


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