Obtaining a Motorcycle License in Victoria

The VicRoads Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) has now been operating for a few years, in fact this system has been in operation since 2016.

The Graduated Licensing System was introduced to expose new riders with a higher level of training particularly in gaining more exposure for real on-road riding.

With the M-GLS, now in place the learner rider must complete a standardised compulsory 2 Day Learner Permit course.

The Motorcycle Graduated Learning Scheme. (GLS)

The GLS has brought significant changes to training of riders to gain their Learners Permit

GLS learner permit course was created to improve upon the on basic skills in motorcycle control. The emphasis is skills such as decision making and rider awareness.

Learner's Permit Training is a 2 Day Training Course

 The Learner’s Permit Training is a two-day training course, you are required to attend and to pass all aspects prior to obtaining your learner permit.

The training course includes off-road training conducted safely on our range and there is an on-road assessment. In addition to the existing motorcycle knowledge test.

Contact RideTek MTA to book your course or Book online.

After you have successfully completed your learners permit you’ll need to complete an on-road practical skills check (also known as a Check Ride) before you can book in for your motorcycle license assessment.

RideTek recommends booking your Check Ride after you have a decent amount of experience of road riding, around the six month time frame. This should give you the opportunity to have sufficient training.

You’ll need to complete the check ride at least one month before you want to go for your license.

Please click on the link below to download the Victorian Motorcycle Handbook

Motorcycle Safety Rules

 You have to be thorough with the safety rules and regulations of the state, and be able to control and balance the motorcycle before you are able to apply for a learner permit in Victoria.

Once you hold the learner permit for three months, you are eligible to apply for a permanent motorcycle licence in Victoria.

VicRoads or Victoria Road Corporation

VicRoads is the statutory authority responsible for issuing learner permits as well as motorbike licenses to all citizens in the state.

There is a written and a practical test before you are able to obtain the learner permit. You must be over 18 years of age, and be a citizen of Victoria to be eligible to obtain a motorbike license in Victoria.

The Victorian Rider Handbook is the authority on all rules and regulations in the state. This is a book that can be purchased from all customer service centres of VicRoads or any of its accredited agents. This book should be thoroughly memorized if you plan to obtain a motorcycle learners permit in Victoria.

You can also download the Vicroads Hand Book Here free of Charge Hand Book

must pass the knowledge test and eyesight test


An eligible candidate must pass the knowledge test and eyesight test before obtaining the license.

There is a learner permit skill assessment as well as a learner permit road law knowledge test to be completed before obtaining the learner permit.

Here are the main conditions that should be fulfilled to obtain a motorbike license in Victoria.

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must be a resident of Victoria
  • Should hold a current Australian motorcycle learner permit for three months prior to applying for the license.


  • Should have held a motorcycle licence issued in New Zealand or any other country within the past five years.

You must pass the following tests to obtain the motorbike licence.

  • The eyesight test
  • The hazard perception test. This is not required for those who have a driving license.
  • Motorbike license skills assessment – a practical motorbike ride.

Once you complete the above tests, you must follow the below advice to obtain the motorbike licence.

  • Prepare to take the motorbike license skills assessment and for this you need to study the Victorian Rider Handbook.
  • Book an appointment for your motorcycle skills assessment and training. This is conducted by accredited trainers and service providers. Call Ride-Tek so you can arrange a suitable time be trained and assessed by an  accredited trainers to get an appointment.
  • You need to bring your learner permit card as evidence of identity. If you cannot produce it, bring a valid document to prove your identity. Also, bring the completed licence application form.
  • Once all the above steps are completed, you can obtain your riding licence from VicRoads.

Accredited Training & Testing Providers

There are many VicRoads accredited trainers and test providers in Victoria. These agencies offer comprehensive training to prepare students for their riding licence test from VicRoads. Ride-Tek MTA is the premier rider training school in Victoria.

All our trainers are accredited by VicRoads and are experienced trainers and avid motorcyclists to train students so they can obtain their rider licenses. They don’t just train you to obtain your license from VicRoads, but train to ride safely and with confidence.

Mel Baker, the owner of the academy, is an avid motorcycle rider himself nad spent many on the race track and still enjoys riding his Ducati. Mel’s goal more than 20 years ago was to establish the premier training facility in Victoria to train riders for the Learners Permit and for license assessment. RideTek has an enviable reputation.

All Mel’s instructors are experienced motorcyclists who are keen to share there knowledge and help on your journey to safe and enjoyable motorcycling.

The instructors of the Ride-Tek Academy hold more than 65 years of combined experience and are enthusiastic and passionate motorcyclists.

Courses are happening seven days a week for all experience levels. Contact the office to make arrangements.

For Ridetek’s other courses in Motorcycle License Training go to Home Page. For details or to make a booking simply call now or send us an email.


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