Wet Weather Riding- Tips for Safe Riding

Obviously well into the Rainy part of the year the team at Ridetek MTA wanted to share some of the key points and knowledge we put in to practice to make sure you stay safe and stay confident in the wet weather ahead.

Consider that the two patches of rubber connecting you to the road surface are about the same size as the palm of your hand. Make sure they can do their job. There are several things that will make it harder for them.

The risk of losing control of a bike can increase because of deterioration in the road surface, such as potholes, wheel ruts or grooves, slippery surfaces and loose gravel.

Just under half of bike casualty crashes involve loss of control.

Always try to be aware of the road surface conditions, and if necessary adjust your riding technique and speed to suit the conditions.

Slippery roads
Many things can make the road surface slippery, and you need to keep these in mind. This will become automatic as you gather experience. Here are some common slippery situations you may find.

Motorcycle Wet road

Sealed roads when they’re wet, especially just after it starts to rain and before the oil and muck on the road are washed away.

Painted lane and other markings, as well as steel and other naturally smooth surfaces including manhole covers, tram lines, bridge expansion joints and even smooth bitumen used to repair roads at any time, and even worse when they are wet. Unmade and gravel roads, and patches of sand or gravel that have collected on sealed roads. Mud, snow and ice, including black ice.

Grease deposited in the middle of lanes, and oil or diesel spills.

Try to avoid slippery patches. If you can’t, reduce speed before you get to them, ride as upright as you can once you reach them and try to avoid changing gear, turning or using the throttle or the brakes. If you need to brake, use both brakes evenly. The important thing is to be smooth.

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