Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles

One of the most common questions we get asked by students who  are Training for their Learners permit is ” What is the best LAMS Motorcycle?”  Of course it really does depend on your requirements and how much you wish to spend.

The range of machine is choose from incredibly vast. Our suggestion is to go to a reputable Bike Dealer and try to test ride as many as you can. If you wish to travel long distance maybe you are not going to feel comfortable tucked up  like a racer for a long distance.

There are a total of seven different types of LAMS on the market. This means you have a good selection to choose from and as a result should be able to find the right style to match your riding ability.

1 – LAMS Scooters/Mopeds

In Victoria motorcyclists are lucky is we are permitted to park our bikes on the footpath as long as it does not obstruct pedestrian traffic. One thing to remember is that the engine is not permitted to be in operation when the motorcycle is on the footpath. If you live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and have a desire to commute a scooter makes good sense. Its weight and ease of handling makes it extra convenient.

Learner LAMS Scooter

This is a lighter, easier to maneuver and less costly to operate two-wheeled powered bike. They come with pretty much all the standard accessories that a full sized motorcycle comes equipped with – only on a slightly smaller scale. We recommend choosing a scooter  with Antilock brakes and don’t forget to wear protective gear. For some reason many scooter riders are not vigilant in wearing protective gear.


2 – Off-Road And Dual-Purpose

The most obvious difference from these types of motorcycles to those that are commonly used on city and country roads is the tires. As off road riding is on all kinds of different terrain, you need a bike with tires that can handle the changes in surfaces, surface materials and also be able to ride over small obstacles.

Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles 1

3 – Tourers

A touring bike is designed for long rides over highways for long distances. They come with storage capacity, comfortable seating and control positions to allow for long rides where you won’t end up in pain because of uncomfortable positions being maintained over several kilometers. Traction control, ABS and cruise control are features that are common on touring motorcycles.

Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles 2

4 – Cruisers

Designed to be long and low for long distance riding, a cruiser is not necessarily the right choice of motorcycle for a new or inexperienced rider. The design places your feet near the ground and seating is much lower than in most other types of bikes. The low center of gravity combined with a longer wheelbase is a good choice for city riding as well if you have some distance to commute to and from work.

Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles 3
Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles 4

5 – Standard/Naked

Although related to sport bikes, naked bikes are different. They have visible bodywork and provide a more comfortable seating for rides. They are versatile bikes that are easy to navigate traffic and tight spaces with. Plus, they are affordable on operating costs including fuel and maintenance. ABS is usually standard but it is safest not to assume and to ask if it is included as standard.

Best LAMS Learner Approved Motorcycles 5


6 – Sport

Sport bikes are a completely different type of motorcycle. They are typically just outside the skill level of most new riders as they contain sensitive starting and stopping systems. In other words, they are finicky if you do not have the touch for such a set up. Comfort and fuel efficiency are two main sacrifices you make when you choose a sport bike over any other style.

 Learner Bikes/LAMS

A learner bike is all you will be able to legally ride for the first four years of holding your motorcycle license. There are several different LAMS available but they are generally considered ‘low-powered’ bikes. By definition a LAM is a motorcycle with an engine rated at 660cc or less and contains a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 150 kilowatts per ton. They are a safe tool for honing your riding skills and provide comfort and ease of operation.

Technologies Available

Here is a look at a few of the technologies that are available on various motorcycles and what they do.

1 – ABS – Automatic Braking System

This is a tool that can be extremely valuable if you have difficulty judging distances. ABS can sense a locked wheel and will apply only enough pressure to the braking system to stop the bike without going into a skid. This gives you more control of your bike while stopping.

2 – Traction Control

This system monitors a potential loss of traction on the rear wheel during acceleration. If the speed differs between the front and rear wheel, the system adjusts the drive torque to keep the front wheel in contact with the road.

3 – Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC)

This is a technology developed to prevent wheel slippage when cornering. Data monitored includes wheel speed, lean angle, acceleration and braking pressure along with pitch angle. If the sensor picks up a potential loss of control it intervenes.

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