Introduction to Motorcycle Training Courses

This course is specifically designed for people who have had no previous manual gearbox experience either in a car or motorcycle. In this circumstance it would be strongly recommended to be completed prior to completing your Learner Permit Course with us (This course can only be booked in conjunction with the Learner permit course)

The skills covered can include:

  • Basic Control Operation in 1st Gear
  • Changing to 2nd Gear
  • Throttle Control Circuit Riding
  • Basic Braking Technique

Course Duration and Scheduling

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Scheduled for Weekdays Monday to Fridays, in the Afternoon. Subject to numbers.
  • Max 5 persons

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to have freedom and feel the wind in your hair.

Before you head out though, you need to explore motorcycle training courses.

While at it, understand why you need to learn from an accredited training center, and not from some center where instructors are just other riders.

A. Properly Trained Instructors

At accredited centers, you have properly trained instructors to educate you on various laws and how to respond to certain situations. Yes, riders may instruct based on their experience, but properly trained instructors have had to undergo rigorous testing and riding experience.

B. Various Conditions

While conditions can be simulated at centers, most people will only encounter a couple of conditions which should not be. Instead, learn about all possible conditions, so you’ll know how to properly respond. Then, you’ll be prepared for any situation should they occur.

C. Correct Posture

People may think they can just sit on their bikes for hours on end, but incorrect posture will make them stiff. With stiff muscles and joints, accidents increase. At accredited institutes, you’ll be taught the correct posture to avoid a lot of cramping and pain from an all-day ride.

D. Proper Take Off

For some, taking off can be a difficult concept. To do this, make sure:

  • Your bike’s in the proper alignment.
  • You know how to select the right gear.
  • You properly position your legs, to enjoy your ride without dumping your bike.

E. Correct Braking

Since a motorcycle’s set up is similar to a bicycle, braking seems easy but it’s not. You need to get used to lurching forward without a seat belt to hold you back. If you’re not careful, these happen:

  • You’ll be thrown off balance;
  • You can lose your bike.

But with introductory courses, you’ll know how to:

  • Properly brace yourself when you hit the brakes.
  • Stop your bike safely.

F. Leaning in Curves

Most people think leaning in curves is all about turning the front wheel. You never turn your wheel too far or you’ll lose control of the bike. With accredited schools, you will learn:

  • How to lean in curves.
  • Why you should avoid turning the wheel.

By knowing how to handle turns, you’ll make it through curves without losing bike control.

G. Gear Changes

In most cases, this can be a challenge because a motorcycle’s transmission is manual and most require you to switch gears with your foot. With accredited centers, you’ll learn about:

  • Gear placement.
  • How they are shifted.

H. Eyes and Hand Coordination

When your hands are not coordinated with your eyes, you’ll easily fall off your bike. With accredited schools, you’ll learn how to properly coordinate this motion, so you’ll have a better time while riding your bike.

I. Your Own Bike to Learn

Accredited schools have their own bikes for their students which is a major advantage over other schools. With an assigned bike, you need not purchase your own without passing the course. In fact, some dealerships will not even sell you a bike unless you have your license.

Riding a motorcycle may give you the freedom to ride, but you need to attend a special course to ride safely. You may think any school can do this, but consider the benefits of motorcycle introductory courses. At we offer the best courses to get the safe training you need.

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