Motorcycle Training Courses in Melbourne

Riding a motorcycle in Melbourne can be challenging. There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining a Learner Permit.

In Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, Australia, a Licence or a Learner Permit is mandatory before you can ride a motorcycle on the streets. All these rules and regulations are there for the rider’s safety.

A motorcycle accident will likely be more severe than an automobile crash. While wearing of protective gear may save your life, it may not guarantee protection against long-term injuries or disabilities. The Victorian law stipulates that a helmet is mandatory when riding a motorcycle. This is for the purpose of protecting the head during an accident. A novice motorcyclist will have to undergo a motorcycle course in Melbourne before obtaining his or her licence.


Learner Permit Course
Motorcycle accidents are also likely to be fatal compared to accidents involving other types of vehicles. This is the main reason for the strictness of the rules and regulations in issuing motorcycle licences in Melbourne. Written and practical tests are required to be completed before obtaining a motorcycle licence in Melbourne. The first step is to obtain the Learner Permit and hold it for at least 3 months. After that you may qualify for a motorcycle licence in Melbourne.

Licence Course
The learner permit is valid for 15-months and you may obtain a licence before your Learner Permit expires. Otherwise, you will have to complete another set of written and practical tests in order to obtain your licence. The statutory authority to issue licences in Victoria is VicRoads or the Victoria Road Corporation.

You should be at least 18 years old to obtain a valid motorcycle licence in Victoria. There are several written and practical tests to complete before obtaining your licence in Victoria. There are numerous training facilities that offer motorcycle riding courses in Victoria.

VicRoads-Accredited Motorcycle Training Academy
These motorcycle courses are conducted by VicRoads accredited training academies. RideTek MTA is one such VicRoads accredited service provider who train potential candidates to obtain their motorcycle licence in Victoria. They are a one-stop shop for all your learner permit and licence requirements. The company will train a person to become a pro in motorcycle riding within the shortest possible time. They will not just train a person to obtain the licence at the end of the day, but to become a safe and skilful rider within the shortest possible time. This explains why many people consider RideTek the best motorcycle training academy.

Safety First
The academy emphasises safety in all their lessons, whether beginner or advance. The academy is open seven days a week to cater to all skill levels. Joining RideTek MTA will ensure that you learn the best skills in riding a motorcycle.

Impressive Track Record
RideTek MTA is owned by Mel Baker, who was an active motorcyclist for a considerable amount of time. The instructors have more than 65-years of combined experience in teaching and helping riders improve their skills. Mel also possess the Motorcycling Australia Coaching licence. RideTek possesses a 100% success rate for its course participants. If a rider attempts to take the test without any proper training, chances of success can be pretty slim.

This is why, you need to first learn to ride a bike quite skilfully before applying for a licence. RideTek offers Licence Course, Test-Only-Options, Learner Permit Course, and Post Learner Skill Development Course, Overseas Licence Conversion and many more. These courses start from as little as $70 per course, and are offered 7-days a week.

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