Obtaining a Motorcycle Leaners Permit in Victoria

Motorcycles are cool and help to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This one of the many reasons motorcycles are extremely popular in the state of Victoria, Australia.


However, there are many risks associated with motorcycle riding.

A motorcycle accident can be very devastating since there is hardly any barrier that shields a rider’s body from impact. Permanent disability and even death can result from such accidents.

That’s why it’s important for motorcyclists to learn to ride safely and responsibly. It’s also the reason why a motorcycle learner permit is a strict requirement in Victoria.

The laws and regulations governing the issuance of motorcycle learner permits and licences in Victoria are extremely tough. This is done with the view of teaching motorcyclists to ride safely to protect their lives as well as others’.

Victorian Roads Corporation or VicRoads is the authority in issuing motorcycle licences and permits to Victorian citizens. The practical and theoretical tests are quite tough, that’s why you need proper training to ensure success in obtaining your learner permit.

Outlined below are some important points to remember when applying for a motorcycle learner permit in Victoria.

The candidate must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of Victoria.

The learner permit knowledge test consist of 32 multiple choice questions which will test your knowledge about the roads laws in Victoria. You will have to be knowledgeable in these laws in order to get through this test.

The Victorian Rider Handbook will help you prepare for this test. The handbook contains all the information required to answer the test successfully. This handbook is available at all customer service centres of VicRoads.

You must get through the eyesight test – a mandatory test even in other countries.

There is a practical test that will test your riding skills. Your balance, stability and riding proficiency will be thoroughly checked during this practical test. It is not easy by any means, and you need to practice until you are perfect in handling the motorcycle without even the slightest nervousness.

Even the slightest mistake will make you fail the test. VicRoads maintains this strictness to discourage unqualified persons from riding motorcycles on Victorian roads.

An eligible candidate will have to undergo four practical riding tests before he or she is issued the motorcycle learner permit in Victoria:

  • You will be asked to ride slowly by balancing the bike
  • Your proficiency with the throttle and the clutch will be checked
  • You will not be allowed to touch the ground with your feet or stop the engine
  • Your proficiency in controlling the operation switches such as the horn, lights, fuel tap and the indicators will be tested.

You must be able to control your motorcycle without directly looking at the controls and switches. Such is the strictness of the practical riding test in Victoria. All this is done in order to make you a proficient rider.

VicRoads has accredited a few companies to help riders obtain a motorcycle learner permit. Ride-Tek Motorcycle Training Academy (MTA) is one such agency. They are rigorously tested by VicRoads before granting them an accredited status.

Ride-Tek is in the forefront of training eligible motorcyclists to obtain a learner permit in Victoria. The academy is built on safety and proficiency. Safety of the student is Ride-Tek’s top priority as a motorcycle training academy.

Mel Baker, who holds a Motorcycling Australia Coaching Licence is the proprietor of the company. All the instructors of the academy are avid riders with more than 65 years of combined experience.

Ride-Tek Motorcycle Training Academy,  is not just a place where they teach you to pass the learner permit test. Their aim is to make you a safe, proficient rider.

This is why you must register with Ride-Tek right now, in order to obtain your motorcycle learner permit.

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